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 Merclynn & Vika123 Wedding - 11/10/09 (1.30am server time)

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PostSubject: Merclynn & Vika123 Wedding - 11/10/09 (1.30am server time)   Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:12 am

The Wedding day has finally come! We had prepared for the wedding, by having respective Bride's and Groom's delegates at Vanished and Ethersword City. Notice that date of the wedding is 11/10/09 according to server time. flower

Both pictures above are Groom's delegates at Ethersword city, gathering to meet the Bride at ADC Moon Elder. However, one of the bestman, Lightsoul has lost his way and dissappeared into another dimensional doorway.

Merclynn and Vika123 approaching each other in a slow and pomp ceremony with many friends and guests witnessing the ceremony.

Merclynn and Vika123 exchanging wedding ring and marriage vows.

The Moon Elder witnessing the marriage.

The couple closing in for a "kiss the bride" session which was done in secret.

Yeah they do kiss!!!

The wedding concluded with a throwing of bouquet of flowers. Who will get it this time? Rumours has it both Ayotai and Tushar managed to grab and share the flower... lol!

All friends and guests sending their best wishes and congratulations for the couple in a display of fireworks. More babies to come!!
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PostSubject: Re: Merclynn & Vika123 Wedding - 11/10/09 (1.30am server time)   Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:48 pm

nice wedding story line u got there merc... cheers
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Merclynn & Vika123 Wedding - 11/10/09 (1.30am server time)
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