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 Good equipment and weapons [original post by Froszen]

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Good equipment and weapons  [original post by Froszen] Empty
PostSubject: Good equipment and weapons [original post by Froszen]   Good equipment and weapons  [original post by Froszen] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 8:49 pm

[Original post authored by Froszen - topic moved from old forum]

Five ways to have good equipments and weapons.
1. Creat them at NPC in any towns. The best items you can have are 3* items with/without slot(s) and opt(s). (Also you can kill bosses in ranking quest to get these items). Requirements: materials, craft level.

2. Creat them at Dusk furnaces in Dusk Palace/Dragon Town. These items are Dusk items. Requirements: materials.

3. Creat them at Golden furnaces in Dragon Town. You will receive Golden items. Requirements: mould, materials, craft level.

Usually 3rd>2rd>1st (">" = better items).

4. Buy them at special NPC when you reach speacial army ranks (SAR). SAR requirements: level & glory point (GP). There are 8 SARs in my server.
+ SAR #1: lv 30, GP 300
+ SAR #2: lv 40, GP 1000
+ SAR #3: lv 50, GP 2500
+ SAR #4: lv 60, GP 5000
+ SAR #5: lv 70, GP 10.000
+ SAR #6: lv 80, GP 35.000
+ SAR #7: lv 90, GP 100.000
+ SAR #8: lv 100, GP 200.000

GP is more difficult to farm than Exp. As i know, there're 4 ways to farm GP:
- Kill boss in ranking/challenge quests.
- Do repeatable quest called "Kill monsters alone". Arcoding to your level, you will have to kill 20/40/60.... mobs for 1/2/3 GP. You don't get exp reward for this quest, only GP.
- Do repeatable quest called "reward & punishment" to get Exp + GP.
- Use some special items to gain GP. The items you can get by killing normal mobs (the chance to get is very low) and the items you can get by killing special mobs called "spiritless mobs" and "mob corps"( Razz don't know how to call them) (the chance is high).

The first and fourth way will give you more GP than others. They said that the equipments you can buy at SAR #7, 8 are extremely powerful. Hell, when will i reach 10K GP??? =))

5. Exchage a number of bronze/silver/goden medals you get in doing "search for dragon" quest for golden moulds. If you're a rich man, i can tell you the fastest way to up a level is doing "search for dragon" quest. This quest have 10 steps. Each steps requires you talk to a NPC and may be you have to give him some materials or kill a number of mobs (you can choose to pay him money instead of killing mobs. The amout of Exp is pretty cool). The billionare in server do this quest all the time. With huge number of materials he bought, he can finish this quest in approx 10-15'.

Some materials you can get by killing mobs, the others you can have by digging ore, root...ect. Especially, materials in the second way only can found by killing mobs/bosses in Dusk Palace. And to have moulds, you must kill bosses in challange quests or ranking quests.
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Good equipment and weapons [original post by Froszen]
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