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 Higher chance to get materials from mobs/bosses [original post by Froszen]

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PostSubject: Higher chance to get materials from mobs/bosses [original post by Froszen]   Fri Jul 03, 2009 8:52 pm

[Original post authored by Froszen - topic moved from old forum]

Keep this in mind: the further the difference between your level and mobs/bosses' is, the lower the probability you can get materials/moulds from them.

- If you kill mobs with skill which is incompatible with mobs, you'll have higher chance to get better items from mobs. For example, use Earth skill to finish Water mobs; use Wood skill to finish Earth mobs...

- There isn't any official way to get higher % but i have some notes for you to refer. Just check by yourself, i myself am not sure whether they work or not but i usually use them each time go hunting for materials or molds.

When the bosses nearly die, finish them with these notes:
+ Use highest "Limit Break" and strongest skills to finish them. Please make sure finish them in "Limit Break" effect time.

+ If bosses have level (don't laugh, because there're bosses don't show their level), only member of party whose level nearest to bosses' will be the one finish them.

+ If bosses don't have level (there's a "(?)" at the level text), the member who has highest dmg or highest level will be the one finish them. These bosses you can find in dusk palace.

- Another hint to get molds more frequently (made by Xiaoloui88)
+ lure boss as far as possible from it's spawn place (lure to dungeon boss is highest chance to drop ) = =

+ let the lowest lv team member last hit on boss, more chance to drop mold. ( highest chance if u using lv1 char...)

What we do to have a higher drop rates from dungeon bosses.. let the party leader be the last hitter
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Higher chance to get materials from mobs/bosses [original post by Froszen]
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