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 Chrono culti guide

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PostSubject: Chrono culti guide   Chrono culti guide Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 10:55 pm

Originally posted this on the MY-EN forums. Figured I'd might as well post it here too. XD

Okay... I'll do this with just the map opening quests. The quests in the maps aren't that hard.

Starting at 70...

1. Kill Franrit Leader + Necrophil Araneid
2. Kill Betrayer Westler
3. Kill Vignar
4. Kill 45 Azury DracoLanturns
5. Kill Ancient Snake-Liu in HH 1-1 team mode with wood and Drum God-Kong in HH 1-2 team mode with or without wood
6. Kill Emiter, Blasphemer, and Avenger
7. Kill Garunob and Steedphiz in fb69

Chrono map1 opened. Continue at 90...

8. Kill Brahma Pheleto in fb89 Heaven and Asura General-Xu and Archilles Commander-Xu in HH 2-3 team mode with or without wood
9. Kill Rift Jumper and Hollow Hunter in Chrono map1
10. Kill Giant Abnobeast in Chrono map1
11. Kill DeLoricate Venerator, DeGlaver Venerator, and DeExecution Venerator in fb99 Heaven
12. Complete Godless Valley stage 4

Chrono map2 opened.

13. Kill Ether Apocalypso in fb89 Hell
14. Kill Atlantean-Dou in HH 2-1 team mode with wood, Asura General-Po and Archilles Commander-Po in HH 2-2 team mode with or without wood, and Baesark Beast-Xu in HH 2-3 team mode with wood
15. Kill Eschew Mundane, Cloistral RecluBel, and Death Monoblar in fb99 Hell
16. Complete Godless Valley stage 5

Chrono map3 opened.

17. Complete Room 38 in Beehive Adytum
18. Kill Atlantean-Xu in HH 2-3 team mode with wood, Mirage Goddess-Wu and Charie King of Dusk-Wu and Damen Dusk Minister-Wu in HH 3-2 team mode with wood, and Mirage Goddess-Mie in HH 3-3 with or without wood
19. Kill Tophet Sovreign in fb99 Heaven and PeachBlossom Phiz in fb99 Hell
20. Complete Godless Valley stages 7, 9, and 10

Chrono map4 opened. Make sure to set it so you kill Damen in HH for your fourth adorn instead of Vividluna Canary in GV. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches. This is done by selecting "Kill" in the quest dialog. Yes, it may seem like you'll be killing her instead of Damen at first, but follow it through. If you get the Moving Flagstaff, you have done this correctly.

21. Complete Godless Valley stages 8, 9, and 10.
22. While you're still in GV, there is one more boss you must kill. DESTROY IT!

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Chrono culti guide
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