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 sm89 HELL fb

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PostSubject: sm89 HELL fb   Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:20 pm

ok so heres the videos on sm89 hell fb ... if you guys wanna try to plan out the stops and what not. looks like you need to kill the second boss for this one instead of the 3rd like in heaven.





from watching ... here are a few suggestions i think might be ok on stops to make... i like the 2nd one better.

or if any of u have a suggestion on stops u can just show what u mean... i got this map at ecatomb http://www.ecatomb.net/map.php

ive never done this fb before, in fact, ive only done heaven like ... 6 times or so, and ive done heaven 99 once and that was pretty hard. i dont think that this hell sm would be that difficult, it looks like the EP was able to keep blue up all of the times, but i hear that these mobs are capable of breaking the zhen, so i guess its really important to make sure the EP doesnt get hit... and also go kill those horse monsters that AOE first and as quickly as possible.
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sm89 HELL fb
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