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 Time for Another ☆★UNITY★☆ Event!

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PostSubject: Time for Another ☆★UNITY★☆ Event!   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:16 pm

Because this upcoming event needs some collaborating with guildies, I've decided to announce it here on the forum so we can have some discussions about it [bear in mind that majority vote wins, and the hostesses of this event hold more value to the votes xD].

This event that Huma and I thought of is about auctioning our guildies off! This is how it works: Let's say Huma is auctioned off for x amount of gold as a base amount and Classy bids the most amount on her, Classy wins her for 5-6 hours. Once she is auctioned off, she will have to do things he asks of her [i.e. quests/HH/GV/SMs/etc.. or whatever else she is comfortable with]. The amount of gold that Classy bid will be going towards guild fund. What's better about this is that it will be open to all of PW! .. So that we can bring in more people and more funds xD

Here are some problems we ran into when thinking about this event:
-Should requesting to farm mats be disapproved?
-If our guildies are requested to do party-based things, should bidders sponsor hieros?
-When would most people log on so we can decide when is the best time to hold this event?
-What should be base amount?
-Should higher levels hold more value?
-How many hours would be appropriate?
-Would this event be successful?

Please bear in mind that while we want to be fair and considerate of our guildies, we also want to be fair and considerate of the bidders. They will be paying for our guildies, so we really don't want to restrict too many things otherwise, it would wring the fun outta it, and might even have a bad turn out =[

Now here are some rules we came up with:
Rules for Bidders:
1. Bidders cannot force guildies to do something that our guildies find uncomfortable.
2. Bidders cannot ask our guildies to join their guilds.
3. Bidders cannot request UNITY guildies to do something against OUR guild rules (i.e. being a hitman).
4. Bidders cannot request during our TW times.

Rules for Volunteers:
1. If it's within reason, you have to do it.
2. If you volunteered yourself, you have to be open to the requests your bidder asked for, unless it's ridiculous and/or break guild/event rules.

Huma, if I missed anything, please insert anything you want cheers
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Vice Guild Master
Vice Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Time for Another ☆★UNITY★☆ Event!   Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:14 pm

Some things i wuldn't do

1.as main thing i wuldn't do is farming.cause if it's the case in 5-6 h nonstop farming i can farm up abaut ,hmm much more then they wuld pay anyway, and if i get bided out fo 5 mill i rather pay then make money for someone.

2.no PvP activitys exept duels or arena.

3.im not useing Hieros and woun't buy any for anything if i wount get anything wich culd compensate em thet,so if biders want buy me hiero and dolls if it's neccesery for some activitys like SM they can be my guessts.

4.no perv stuffs,not thet i culdn't play araund i just don't want after someone call me as slut or whatever

and from guild i herd someone joking araund abaut geting on skype on woice,so there come N*5

5.all activitys ONLY in GAME

and thet is all what i wuldn't do, so all what is not mensioned i can do.
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PostSubject: Re: Time for Another ☆★UNITY★☆ Event!   Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:39 am

I think its a great idea but I wouldnt farm for so long and its even not for me ..
and i wouldnt pay for hieros : )
Very Happy but its a fun idea: )
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PostSubject: Re: Time for Another ☆★UNITY★☆ Event!   

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Time for Another ☆★UNITY★☆ Event!
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