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 Notes about PK [original post by Froszen]

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Notes about PK  [original post by Froszen] Empty
PostSubject: Notes about PK [original post by Froszen]   Notes about PK  [original post by Froszen] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 8:56 pm

[Original post authored by Froszen - topic moved from old forum]

PW-Malay version does not have an option to turn off PK Mode. It is generally a good idea to click the shield icon and uncheck the last 2 options. That ways, if someone is trying to PK you, you can have the option to attack that person back. If you wait until someone is PKing you already to uncheck the options, you may be dead before you ever get in your first hit. (made by meow)

- The higher the PK level you have, the bigger chance of dropping items/equipments when you get killed by other players. Because of this rule, you will be good target for everyone if your name is red/dark red, especially when you have good equipments (in PW, everyone can see others' equipments). We call it "Kill red" to hunt equipments.

- If your name is red or dark red, you can be killed by NPC who are town guards (always stand at town gates). You can also fight back and kill them. Your PK level won't change if you kill NPC. But be careful, guards of towns locating at place at which mobs are strong are very strong ^^, you can be killed easily by them. If you are red/dark red, best way to go in town is flying Very Happy.
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Notes about PK [original post by Froszen]
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