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 Lucky Crafts

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PostSubject: Lucky Crafts   Lucky Crafts Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 9:31 pm

[Original post authored by Guest - topic moved from old forum]

Location Game time
Pharmacist ADC north 1am~3am (1 o'clock)
Tailor ADC west 1am~3am (2 o'clock)
Pharmacist ADC west 7am~9am (8 o'clock)
Jeweler DSP 7am~9am (8 o'clock)
Jeweler ADC west 7am~9am (8 o'clock)
Blacksmith ADC north 11am~1pm (12 o'clock)
Blacksmith Sparc ADC west 3pm~5pm (16 o'clock)
Tailor ADC south 7pm~9pm (19 o'clock)
Tailor ADC south 7pm~9pm (20 o'clock)
Pharmacist DSP 9pm~11pm (22 o'clock)
Pharmacist ADC south 9pm~11pm (22 o'clock)
Pharmacist ADC south 11pm~1am (23 o'clock)

Tailor ADC north ... 6 o'clock
Tailor ADC south ... 6 o'clock
Tailor ADC west ... 7 o'clock
Pharmacist ADC south ... 6 o'clock
Blacksmith ADC north ... 7am only
Jeweler ADC west ... ??? 9am ???

Fining one of nine big principles: Before dawn 4 o'clock to early morning 9 o'clock are the best fining time.
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Lucky Crafts
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