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 getting started: BeeHive [original post by sgtice]

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getting started: BeeHive [original post by sgtice] Empty
PostSubject: getting started: BeeHive [original post by sgtice]   getting started: BeeHive [original post by sgtice] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 9:33 pm

[Original post authored by sgtice - topic moved from old forum]

Beehive is a new daily quest/event whatever u call it(…it gives exp) to get in u need to be lvl 40+ and get mission badge from Wolf Cub NPC in any of big cities and chose Beehive Adytum option at the same NPC u will get a tp to room 1 in beehive(starting room)
There u can buy pots, repair eq, change mirage stones for vouchers, buy vouchers and mirages and other things from stalls inside, beg for buffs from ppl inside and start the quest/event by talking to the NPC in the middle
After u chose Relevant mission chose Fatal Demonic Cube and then Sounds good and Understand then talk to NPC again chose Relevant mission chose Fatal Demonic Cube, I have emblem… and talk to him again Relevant mission, Challenge start, i want to start… , i have reedem voucher(u need dice voucher in inventory) and u will get ur first dice that u need to right click in inventory to get tp to ur first chalange room (depending on dice nr…room description in next post)

1. For completing a room You’ll receive a certain dice to decide on which room you’re going next For e.g. if you’re in room 8, the dice will require you to go to room 9-14(dice with 1-6 number.) In order for you to move on to next room, you have to go to your inventory and right click on the dice to move on.

2. There are 50 rooms in the Beehive Adytum. If you are lucky enough to not die at all, you’ll still need at least 2 mirage stones to complete the whole Beehive Adytum. Considering the fact that you might get pk’d, bad luck or even mission failure, it’s is recommended if you bring along 20-30mirage stones. It’s also recommended to bring along some money in case you have to purchase something.
The hardest parts in the whole Beehive Adytum are those rooms that require you to survive/kill mobs. Therefore, players should bring along enough HP and MP pots. If you’re not wearing good equipments, get all the buffs you can get This is because if you die at the last few rooms, you have to restart all over again.
If you find it hard to do a certain quest, ask for help from other players. Before starting the quest, check the durability of your equipments. The furnace at the starting point allows you to fix your equipments (it also sell pots too).

3. This point is about penalty. If you use town portal skill at any room, you’ll have to restart all over again. IF you ever die (for whatever reason-pk, mission failure etc.) you’ll have to start all over again, UNLESS you still have the demonic cube with that room number with you (like if you die in room5. after you get back to the starting point the dice is still asking you to go to room5, then you don’t have to start all over again. I’ve gotten this before too).

4. When it comes to killing mobs, party members without that quest cannot help by killing the mobs because those that they’ve killed will not be counted. These kinds of rooms are categorized according to levels:
Lv 40-49
Lv 45
Lv 50-59
Lv 55
Lv 60-69
Lv 65
Lv 70-79
Lv 75
Lv 80-89
Lv 85
Lv 90-95
These mobs melee when you’re close to them and uses magic attack if you’re a range attacker.

5. You’ll only get your rewards after finish 50 rooms
Lv 90+: 450k exp and 90k SP
Lv 80+: 400k exp and 80k SP
Lv 70+: 350k exp and 70k SP
Lv 60+: 300k exp and 60k SP
Lv 50+: 250k exp and 40k SP
Lv 40+: 200k exp and 30k SP
+ a box that will give you badge of technique or mirage stone, some chrono mats(lvl 90+), Chapter of Destiny(lvl 90+) + key that you can use to go to rooms 51-60 for more exp rewards. (but i personally do not think it is worth it, too much gold and hiero wasted there)
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getting started: BeeHive [original post by sgtice]
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