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 HOW to buy CUBI !! [original post by sgtice]

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HOW to buy CUBI !!  [original post by sgtice] Empty
PostSubject: HOW to buy CUBI !! [original post by sgtice]   HOW to buy CUBI !!  [original post by sgtice] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 9:35 pm

[Original post authored by sgtice - topic moved from old forum]

Direction for buying Cubi on Oracle server, from Off-Gamers.com

step #1 Go to www.cubizone.com and click the button malaysia/english
step #2 On the left hand side under Partner ads there is an ad for Off-gamers. This will take you straight to the page you want! Note: it should be the first ad under partner ads.
Step#3 select your region which is Malaysia (chinese/english)
Step #4 I suggest you then select the 400 cubits for US $11.58 that is equal to 40 ingame cubi. This I found to be the best deal. Click add to cart
Step #5 Click checkout! Note: if u want more then 40 cubi, select qty, and change the number 1.. to desired amount.
Step #6 On the right hand side it says new customer.. fill out the information and click submit, remember to unclick the subscribe to newsletter..
Step #7 Next page to register for an account is your name gender.. birth.. etc.. fill out this information too and remember to give a valid email address and telephone number. They will call you to make sure it is your credit card that you are using. It should be a free call since its coming from a 1-800 number.
Step #8 After that page it should take you to payment method.. choose paypal, and at the bottom of the page click continue
Step #8 click proceed to paypal
Step#9 Put in your paypal information to log in.. and confirm your purchase..
Step#10 once you are finished with paypal click return to offgamers.
Step #11 will take you back to My account page.. and will show your order. Click your order.. and it should say pending.. verifying.. or complete.. to take it to the complete stage should not take more then 5 mins.
Step #12 If it does not change to Complete within 5 mins (keep refreshing the page) and if it does not change please click live support which is in the top right hand corner.. this is 24/7 support.. and they will answer any question you have.. for example just ask i ordered my cubits why havent it gone to complete yet.. they will ask for your email.. and help u through it.
Step #13 once it is complete.. click on it.. (you can also find this buy clicking on the right hand side view order history)and it should show you your order.. and at the very bottom it will give you a serial number and a reference number.. you have to click show button.
Step #14 once you see the code or serial number. Highlight it and right click and copy it.
Step #15 Now open a NEW window.. not the same one.. keep open off-gamers site.
Step #16 In the NEW window explorer.. type in www.cubizone.com again
Step #17 click malaysia english button
Step #18 click Log In to cubizone.. its near the top left hand corner.
Step #19 put in your log in information and password, and the Numbers and letters that they have at the bottom of the page for you, remember those are Case-sensitive. Note: your ID and password is the same as your log-in for PW..
Step #20 click Cubit management and a drop down menu will come
Step #21 click top-up account from the drop-down menu(should be the first one in drop down menu)
Step #22 put in your password (which is your PW password)
step #23 put in the top up code which you copied from off-gamers.. (right click paste) and click top up now
Step #24 after that, your account should show 400 cubits balance on the left hand side..
Step #25 Click home near the top of the page, careful though there is two home buttons.. there is a big home button for the website.. and there is a home button for your account.. underneath that... click the home button for your account.
Step #26 it will bring you back to the page from before.. now click Item mall and another drop down menu will come.
Step #27 from the drop down menu click Perfect world's mall (english server)
Step #28 if u purchased 400 cubits put in 40 ingots and choose oracle server note: you can only put in max of 50 ingots at a time or 500 cubits.. you might have to do it a couple times if you have bought more then 400 cubits.
Step #29 from there clcik purchase.. and follow the rest it tells you to do.. from there it automatically transfers to your PW account... if u are already logged in.. log out and log back in and it will show ure cubi in the item mall. To get to item mall push (o) in the game.

Well thats it.. hope this helps.. any questions pm sgtice in-game.
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HOW to buy CUBI !! [original post by sgtice]
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