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 Mage dueling vs. other classes [original post by sgtice]

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Mage dueling vs. other classes  [original post by sgtice] Empty
PostSubject: Mage dueling vs. other classes [original post by sgtice]   Mage dueling vs. other classes  [original post by sgtice] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 9:38 pm

[Original post authored by sgtice - topic moved from old forum]

I am going to list a couple combos that works well for me dueling certain classes.. they work pretty well.

First up is is dueling vs. an EP
1. almost always first thing they will do is sleep you debuff, use fury.. attack you with lighting or physical damage. wait till the sleep wears off or they hit u the first time.. if you can handle the first hit you are golden.
2. Use distance shrink.. get really close to them.. fury burst.. earth strike..sleep.. blizzard blast.. followed by arcanous wave.. and spring gush.. and rock fall.. that should take them out.. if need slightly more attacks use fast ones like spring =gush and blazing hiero.

Second is dueling vs. a wf
1. This is the most tricky to do, First thing always is you kill there pet.. usually one or two shots. easy way to do this though is use distance shrink away from the wf.. and there pet will still follow u. kill the pet.. and go back to wf.. and use above combo for ep...

Third is dueling vs. a wr
1. Easy way to beat a wr is having free movement pills.. if they cannot stun you.. (no effense wrs) they cant kill you. so.. i use blasting point followed by fury..pill..sleep... blizzard.. arcanous.. spring.. blazing hiero.. and keep going.. that should kill them pretty quickly..
2. This works for 90+ mgs.. I killed a lvl 101 wr multiple times this way. who was good at dueling.. but if u take away there stun.. they dont have alot they can do to u.

fourth is dueling vs. a ea
1. first and formost you get CLOSE to an ea as fast and quickly as possible.. even if that means using a speed pill.(note: people cannot SLEEP you when using speed pill, but can stun you) once you are close to them.. there damage is reduced half or MORE! its very easy to kill an ea when you are close to them..

fifth is dueling a wb
1. goodluck..lol
cant do much against a wb other then hurt his hiero.. lol you need at least -34 percent casting to beat a wb 90+.

Now obviously there is different way going about it, but practioce in arena.. seriously it helps a lot.. i.e. knowing when to get out of a fight and when to finish it. Smile experince is everything... also practicing without a hiero is non expensive and gives you more of a challenge against those who have hiero Smile

always your best friend ~*sgtice*~
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Mage dueling vs. other classes [original post by sgtice]
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