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 BeeHive ROOMS part 1 [Original post by sgtice]

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BeeHive ROOMS part 1  [Original post by sgtice] Empty
PostSubject: BeeHive ROOMS part 1 [Original post by sgtice]   BeeHive ROOMS part 1  [Original post by sgtice] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 9:51 pm

[Original post authored by sgtice - topic moved from old forum]

Rooms are color coded (blue =easy)(yellow =medium)(red =Hard)(all words red = EXTREMLY HARD)
Room 1: This is the place you reach upon entering Beehive Adytum.
-Safe zone
-Exchanging of the mission emblem for demonic cube.
-When you leave the Beehive Adytum, all your dice(not vouchers), strength cards and other cards will be removed from your inventory.

Room 2: Digging of treasure boxes
-Safe zone
-Dig 5 boxes
-Gets the mission from the NPC and starts digging.
-Ease of mission: Easy

Room 3: Slaughtering Ground
-Safe zone
-Kill 5 mobs
-Gets the mission from the NPC and starts killing.
-The mobs will melee you if you are close enough and use magic attack for range
-Ease of mission: Normal

Room 4: Killing the Moles
-Safe Zone
-Kill 10 mobs
-Gets the mission from the NPC and starts killing.
-The mobs are all one hit kill
-Slow spawn rate though.
-Ease of mission: Easy

Room 5: Counting the Apples
-Safe zone
-Count the apples (those balls in the sky) to answer questions
-Ease of Mission: Easy

Room 6: Open sesame
-Safe zone
-The first room without NPC: you’ll only see a mob that does very low damage on you but has high hp
-Defense skill does not work at all(buffs, shields, reduce dmg etc.)
-Once the mob is killed, everyone in the room can talk to the NPC.
-If there are many players, it will make this round easier to pass.
-Ease of Mission: Easy but takes time if your alone

Room 7: Listening Room:(hint: The left wall for Room 7 is always the safe way to go)
-Safe zone
-You’ve to pass through a bunch of mobs
-There are two types of mobs here. One of the will agro you and the other will not.
-Those which will agro you will make some kind of noise while those that will not agro will not make any noise
-If you hear noises when you’re about to pass through, you can change your route to avoid dying.
-WF can use their pets to scout for a safe path before starting.
-When you’re doing this room, switch off the background music (bgm) and max the sound effects to hear the noise the mobs might be making.
-The quest initiating NPC in this room does not allow you to synthesize dice voucher (the quest completing NPC does). So it’s better for you to bring enough tickets to avoid having to do this twice.
-Ease of Mission: Easy

Just get quest from NPC and go back to the place u started in this room and go straight next to the wall trough mobs 100% sure safe way

Room 8: Kind or Evil
-Safe zone
-Dig 10 boxes
-Have to give 100k to initiate the mission.
-After finishing the mission you’ll get a box. There are two kinds of cards you might get
villain card which can be NPC’d for 1 gold or the other card which allows you to NPC it for 1mil.
-HINT: do not open the cards you have around 1 in 15 shot of getting 1 mil.. instead sell them for 250k at town and you will make WAY more money)

Room 9: Stay alive for 100sec
-Safe zone
-If you can hold out for 100sec, you’ll get tp-ed to a place with the finishing NPC
-There will be a ball in the middle of the room that will keep damaging everyone (It’s got “ignore injury” and “ignore defense” )
-If you’re a MG/EP, you can heal yourself to survive this room
-After tp to the room run into the corner and kill any small mobs that go after u after they resp they won’t attack u just survive ball attacks for 100s
-If u got luck and someone is there too before u enter (and u do as above) and he finish it(tp out) the ball will stop attacking u(bug I guess)but if someone else enters ball attacks again
-Ease of mission: Normal

Room 10: (it’s something like “Explosion room”)
-Safe zone
-Mission succeed after finishing your mission at the NPC
-You have to get to room 17 or 22 in 10mins time to get the NPC to remove the bomb. Else, the bomb will goes off and you’ll die and get back to the starting point.
-Ease of Mission: depends on your speed.

Room 11: Bored
-PK zone
-Prison type
-Find the NPC to get the mission
-Wait for 3mins but be careful not to get PK’d by anyone.
-Ease of Mission: Easy.

Room 12: Fate Diverge
-Safe zone
-Lottery type
-Get the mission from the NPC
-You’ll either get a voucher that allows you to move forward by 2 or move backwards by 1 (in terms of room no. of course)
-Ease of Mission: Easy

Room 13: 6 people working together
HINT: (PAY AND PASS ALWAYS there is a bug in this room)-Safe zone
-Earth element
-You either pay (with vouchers) or you party up with 6 people to finish this room.
-If you chose the partying part, you’ll have to kill a monster together to pass the quest.
-Ease of mission: Unknown. (never got party here-_-)

Room 14: I don’t want to leave yet
-PK zone
-One player has to die (either to the mob in the middle that keeps attacking you or get PK’d)
-Time limit: 20min
-After one of the player died, the mob in the middle will be replaced with a NPC. And everyone in the room can complete the quest.
-Ease of mission: Depends on how crowded that room is

Room 15: Mystery Envoy
-Safe zone
-Time limit of 1min to finish killing as many mobs and pass it to the NPC. If you exceed 1min, the mission will fail.
-Every kill will allow you to get 1 token
-Submit the mission after killing 5(max) of them because the re-spawn time is more than 1min.
-Ease of mission: Depends on the number of players in the room (mostly ppl w8 in a line to kill mobs but some dun want to w8)

Room 16: Unite to defeat the devil
-Safe zone
-Kill 1 mob or pay(vouchers) to pass
-Get the mission from the NPC: either
*Mission 1: kill 1 mob (must be in party or be a wf because the mob is hard to kill)
*Mission 2: pay to leave

Room 17: same as room 8

Room 18: Not strong enough
-Safe zone
-Need 10 strength cards. (you get 9 cards from NPC)
-Either buy it from the furnace at the starting price before you begin this or buy it from the players nearby or go here just to sell your cards
-Ease of mission: Easy

Room 19: Happy Robber
-Safe zone
-The only room that doesn’t require you to give dice ticket
-The mission here is to rob the NPC.

Room 20: Fate Diverge
-Same as room 11. but this time you either move forward by 5 or move backward by 2.

Room 21: Monster hunter
-Safe zone
-You have 2mins to kill 2 mobs
-The mobs are hard to kill and they cast the blood sucking skill if you’re range (as usual, melee when in the melee range).
-If you’re really not strong enough, get someone to help out.
HINT: if you have to do it by yourself DO NOT TAKE MISSION RIGHT AWAY kill one of the mobs to an "inch" of his death or one hit left.. take the mission then finish off that mob-then you have around two minutes to kill one mob instead of two Wink
-Ease of Mission: Difficult

Room 22: same as room 15

Room 23: Hard to differentiate between the real and the fake
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Kill 1 mob
-There are a few similar looking mobs at a room. You have to kill one of them. If you’re lucky, you get the one that’s got a short live. Else you get one that’s harder to kill.
HINT: USUALLY there are two following each other pick the one on the very OUTSIDE this one usually has a short life!
-Beware of PK

Room 24: trickster box
-Safe zone
-You have to dig a certain amount of boxes and the amount is determined by the previous player who finished the quest already.
-You can choose whether you want the next player to dig 5, 20 or 100 cards(usually ppl set to 5 so do the same)

Room 25: Dragon Squad Formation
-PK zone-
-You have to pass through the land mine to get to the finishing NPC.
-Please prepare yourself with enough dice ticket because the initiating NPC does not allow you to synthesize dice ticket. Neither do they sell it.

Room 26: Controlling life and death
-PK zone
-After taking the mission from the NPC, dig 5 boxes to pass the mission
-The only difference when it comes to this digging quest is that there are mobs guarding the box.
-Beware of PK
HINT: lead the monster away then run to the middle to dig one box and reapeat!
Ease of Mission: Easy

Room 27: Real listening room
-Safe zone
-Same as room 7 but the safe way is random so you need to search for it
-No selling/synthesizing of dice ticket at the initiating NPC.
HINT: usually the second row is the safe way BUTTT please actuaslly listen for burning fire when you get close to a mob if u hear that.. back away FAST! (go slowly)
-Ease: Difficult

For Room 27, the aggressive mobs make ‘noise’ now. Listen for the ‘ Fire Burning’ effect and that’s a nasty mob.

Room 28: Real counting the apples
-Safe zone
-same as 5 but there will be more balls for you to count

so it seems like there’s a standard answer somehow. but only for blue and white balls:

For blue balls
1. If you’re given the option 13, 14 or 15, the answer is 14.
2. If you’re given the option 14, 13 or 12, the answer is 12.
3. If you’re given the option 11, 10 or 12, the answer is 12.
4. If you’re given the option 09, 14 or 12, the answer is 12.
5. If you’re given the option 08, 12 or 11, the answer is 11.
6. If you’re given the option 09, 10 or 11, the answer is 11.

For White balls
1. If you’re given the option 10, 09 or 11. the answer is 11.
2. If you’re given the option 10, 08 or 11, the answer is 10.
3. If you’re given the option 10, 08 or 09, the answer is 10.
4. If you’re given the option 11, 10 or 09, the answer is 11.

Room 29: Real slaughtering ground
-PK zone
-Harder version of Room3
-Uses blood sucking skill for range attackers and melee for melee attackers.
-Ask for help if it’s too difficult

Room 30: Stay alive for 100sec if you’re a man (even if you’r a woman xD)
-PK zone
-Survival game
-Harder version of room 9
-Attack of mob increases
-Ease of mission: Hard

Room 31:
-Same as room 15 and 22
-If you fail to kill the mobs within the time given, you’ll have to start all over again

Room 32: Even more bored
-PK zone
-Prison type
-Same as 11, stay there for 5mins

Room 33: Info on monster hunter
-PK zone
-Kill 2 mobs in 2min
-Harder version of 21
-If failed to finish in 2mins time you’ll have to restart the whole mission
-Ease of mission: Difficult for non-WF but you can always get into a party to get it done.
HINT: remember to kill one mob till almost death before TAKING MISSION!

Room 34: Actually I don’t want to leave yet
-PK zone
-Harder version of Room 14
-Attack from the ball mob gets higher
-Ease of mission: Very difficult

Room 35: Fate Diverge
-PK zone
-Lottery type
-Advanced version of Room 20. This time you either move forward by 6 or move backwards by 3.

Room 36: Dig till you cry
-PK zone
-Dig 10 boxes (the advanced version of Room 2 with PK enabled)

Room 37: Very very lucky
-Safe zone
-Pay 200k to pass through. You’ll gain a Daemonic Sundry Parcel that either gives either:
~Dice Voucher - 10 (20%)
~Daemonic Cube Good Card (5%) (can be sold for 1mil)
~Daemonic Cube Fortune Card (1%) (can be sold for 5mil)
~Daemonic Omnipotent Card - 2 (14%) (can be used to synthesize overlord/strength card)
~Mirage stone - 3 (60%)

Room 38: BT version Dragon Squad Formation
-PK zone
-Advanced version of room 25 (the difference is that there is a patrol here and it is immune to injuries)
-Strategy: There will be only 5 patrols that 1hit KO anyone even if you’re a WB using tortlen. So, you stick to the wall to let the mob pass. After the mob pass by, walk pass the land mines and finish the quest.
-Sale/synthesize of dice ticket is not available at the initiating NPC.

Room 39: You reap what you sowed
-PK zone
-Advanced version of room 24 but this time the boxes are even further apart and PK is enabled.

Room 40: Good or Bad
-Safe zone
-Dig 20boxes
-Gains Platinum Box (you have to pay 100k)
-you can either get:
Daemonic Villian Card (98%)(NPCed for 1gold)
Daemonic Cube Fortune Card (2%)(NPCed for 5m)

Room 41: 3 unite as 1
-Safe zone
-Either pay to pass or party with two other people (in the room) to get the die
-Harder version of Room 13

Room 42: same as room 31

Room 43: Unite to defeat the devil
-PK zone-Kill 1 mob/pay(vouchers) to pass
-Advanced version of Room 16
-Hard unless you get someone to tank or pay and pass!

Room 44: Bomb again
-PK zone
-Advanced version of Room10
-Have to go to room 50 in 10mins to find the NPC to deactivate the bomb.

Room 45: Open sesame
-PK zone
-Advanced version of Room 6
-Ease of mission: Easy but takes time.

Room 46: Still not strong enough
-Safe zone
-This time you need another Overlord card (in Room 18 you needed strength card).
-Cards range around 150k each!

Room 47: Survive for 100sec if you’re a man-PK zone
-Survival game
-Harder version of Room 30
-The attacks are harder this time
-HINTS: wait for a WB to come in and have him buff you! thats extra HP that will help ALOT! you will need a Heiro for sure! also dumplings work well here collect them(for those of you that can't heal yourself)
-Ease of mission: Insanely difficult

Room 48: Dig till you cry
-PK zone
-Dig 15 boxes for the mission
-Advanced version of Room 36
-Ease of mission: Very Easy

Room 49: Snatch the prize
-Safe zone
-Kill as many mobs as you can within 2mins
-Each mob = 5k EXP and 1k SP (reward from NPC)
-Don’t be too greedy. If you fail to submit the quest within 2mins, you’ll have to restart all over again from Room 1.
-Ease of mission: Very Easy.. can use AOE to kill them

Room 50: Final destination of fate
-Safe zone
-End point
-Get the reward and go back to the starting point
-HINT: you can only get this REWARD ONCE a day! and remeber to have at least 4 slots open! to recieve the exp and rewards!

Well this is it hope you liked it Wink please leave comments or things I should add! thanks a bunch and I will be referring a lot of people to this now Wink
always your best friend ~*sgtice*~

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Posts : 61
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BeeHive ROOMS part 1  [Original post by sgtice] Empty
PostSubject: Re: BeeHive ROOMS part 1 [Original post by sgtice]   BeeHive ROOMS part 1  [Original post by sgtice] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 9:53 pm

[Original post authored by HmoobThoj - topic moved from old forum]

this is just a revision on some of the think here, and some tricks i've learn that are not on here.

rm 9, 30, 47: if u want to conserve ur hiero u can force log in the corner and log back in. this will stop the aoe mob from attacking. this will only work if u have enough HP to survive it. MG's and WR's can also use their teleport skill as soon as they get in the room(b4 u hit the ground). if u do so successfully u will not active the aoe mob.

rm 11 & 32: just a reminder if u don't have vigor use this oppertunity to collect vigor by hitting the npc.

rm 12: its actually forward 4 or backwards 1.

rm 15, 22, 31, 42, 49: there's a bug in these rooms, but it only happened to EP's. never use cyclone as the last hit on the mobs. if u do, it may bug and not count as a kill for u. if u use cyclone as the first skill and u crit and 1 hit that mob u'll be fine. just don't use it as the last hit other then in that situation.

rm 23: if ur really bored and u can test them, give them a shot and see how much hp they lose. if its not 1 that u want to kill u can talk to the npc and tele into the other room again. then u can go back in and pick another mob. i do it just for kicks sometimes lol.

rm 24 & 39: if some1 has set it on 100 for u, u can help some1 do this quest in hopes that they but it back to 5 for u. or if they would help u. in order to help some1 u will need to fill ur inv anything such as potions or what ever u have on u. that way when u dig the boxes the item will drop on the ground. this must be done coz the items are untradble.

rm 26: it would be nice if some1 was there to help u. but if u have guts u can get 3 boxes if ur fast enough lol. its scary tho, but i've done it on an EP.

rm 27: this is a complicated room. there are 3 mob settings the safe paths are 4-4, 2-2, 5-4. the first number means the first row mob and the second number is the second row mob from left to right(u enter the room on the left). there's a sequence and i always check in the order above.
1st: stand about 25 meters from the 4th mob on the first row(25 meters is about half way in between the wall behind u and the mob. u should hear the sound that a fire would make. if u don't that mob is safe. move in slowly just t make sure. if that mob is safe, u shouldn't hear anything until u are close enough to touch it. then check the 4th mob on the second row to make sure that 1 is safe. if it is, run through and u've completed the room. if the 4th on the first row is safe but the 4th mob on the second isn't. that means the safe path is 2-2.
2nd: if the 4th mob in the frist row is not safe, check the 2nd mob. if the 2nd mob is safe repeat the above with the second row. if both the 4th and the 2nd mobs on the first row are not safe ur clear path is 5-4.
this is fullproof, other then the unlikly incident that the room resets while ur running in the middle. and yes that has happened to me b4(i died)
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BeeHive ROOMS part 1 [Original post by sgtice]
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