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 Guild Rules. Please Read

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PostSubject: Guild Rules. Please Read   Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:38 pm

(Original post made by Amyra and transfered from the old forum)

☆★UNITY★☆ Guild Rules

These rules are for ALL guildies, including officers. Please read them and follow them. No exceptions will be made. As with every guild, there must some rules set into place. ★UNITY★☆ has been here for a long time (1 year and 3 months as of Jan) and we have learned alot about which rules work and which don't.

If a rule needs to be changed it will be discussed by the officers, GM and VGM. Meanwhile, the rules must be adhered to. Please contact the aforementioned, if you do not understand a rule.


1.☆★UNITY★☆ is a great guild, keep it that way! Respect each other and the guild reputation in your behavior and attitude towards others. Abuse to your fellow guildies won't be tolerated.

2. We are a NON pking guild and going solo for revenge pks can have reprecussions on the entire guild. PKING another guildie is NOT permitted.Contact an officer if you feel that need! Some points regarding pking:

  • If a pker has a guild, it is important for the GM, VGM or other officer to speak to the GM of that guild before revenge pking them. This is to protect our guild from being on another guild's kos list.

  • Only the GM or VGM can put someone on the guild kos list.

  • West ADC entrance/exit is a PKING area. If you hang around out there expect to be pked! We will not be responsible for any guildie purposely going to the pk area. If you are pked there you are on your own!

  • If you are pked, give coords and names of pkers a.s.a.p.. We cannot help you if you take too long because most rpkers (random pkers) go straight to safety after they pk. You do not lose xp if you are pked. Warming: if you hit back and have no doll you can drop things!

3. If you have a problem in guild please contact one of the officers and we will do our utmost to solve the issues.

Do NOT just leave guild in anger and frustration. If you don't give us a chance to help you then how can we? If you have a problem with another guildie let us know IMMEDIATELY.

4. If you need help from the guild such as bosses, questions or even a ress, please remember that others are busy too or afk. Please keep in mind that there are people of various levels within the guild; not everyone is on the same quest.

When requesting help with a FB or Boss, remember that some people may be busy at that time. You may have to wait an hour or even a day, depending upon the time of the request.
Just please be patient if such a situation occurs.It is also not another guildie's job to DO your quests for you. If a guildie helps you with a quest,res or boss, it's a 'favor' so please say, 'please and thankyou'.

Don't expect anyone to 'jump' because you need help. We will all do our best to help each other but we also have our own stuff to do. Having a guild does not mean you suddenly have slaves to run for you. This is especially true for 'ressing'.

Please do the following things before you flip out because an ep didn't come running:

  • Use the 't' key to see who is around you.

  • Find out if there is an ep in the area. (How many times has an ep gone running to find the person already ressed) This does NOT mean don't accept a ress from a nearby ep after asking guild. It means, let the guild know IMMEDIATELY that you have been ressed and they arent needed now.

If an ep in guild says 'I will ress as soon as I'm done this', please be PATIENT! They are going to come ress you as soon as possible. Just because 5 eps are online doesn't mean they aren't busy or afk.

5. Say 'hi' in guild chat when you come on so that we may all see your here. Say it twice if noone responds at first. Sometimes we get busy. Get to know your fellow guildies. We all want to know you too. If you stay 'hidden' it's difficult to get to know us. If your not a talker, please at least make an attempt. Many guildies have left because
they felt ignored and yet they never said anything. Please, when a guildie comes on and says hi, don't just ignore them.

6. If something goes wrong, please take time out before leaving guild. Too many people leave out of anger or frustration and then want right back in again. This has happened too many times and we will be having a penalty period of 3 days before a guildie will be let back in, if the guildie is even excepted back in. To be invited back in from now on ALL guildies must speak to the GM or V G M first. Only the GM and VGM can reinvite. THINK or take a time out BEFORE you leave hastily.

7. There are a few guildies that may not speak english very well. This is however, an English speaking guild. It's fine to have a short converstaion in another language for the following purposes:

  • to ask questions and to give explanations of ingame things (necessary)

  • to have a short converstaion that wont consume guild chat

Take it to private chat if the conversation will consume the guild chat. Be tolerant to those that need something explained or if a group suddenly gets silly and throws in a few lines of a joke in another language. We want all guildies to feel comfortable and at home here. If you feel it's getting out of hand ask the party politely to go to private chat

8. If you are aware that you will be offline for awhile, need a break, to study, work etc., please inform your officers. This way we can assure your char is not removed as 'inactive'. I will try to make a thread for anyone that will be inactive for a period of time, to post and let us know. Any inactives that do not let the guild know, will be removed after a period of three weeks. A date will be assigned to that char as a 'title' and when the person returns they must inform the GM or VGM that they are back in order to have it removed.

9. Remember that this is JUST a GAME and don't expect everyone to treat it like real life. The idea here is to have fun, respect each other and follow all of ☆★UNITY★☆ rules. This is a great guild and we have a good reputation in PW. Keep it that way.

10. Please note that the ☆★UNITY★☆ guild will also not allow it's members to 'bot' or 'exploit'. Immediate removal from guild will result if it has been proven that a member does either of the above. Play fair and have fun.

11. Remember that the GM and VGM have a 'magic button' if you decide you don't care about guild and want to break the rules!

Please read this too !

Please note: We are neutral and will remain so where ☆WarLords☆ and ☆Rage are
concerned. The reason for this is obvious. To take either side would be suicide fior us. Therefor no we will not as ☆★UNITY★☆ is not equal to either equipment/lvl wise yet.
Do not attack either guild pls as it will affect your guildies. This includes personal kos.
If either guild attacks/pks a ☆★UNITY★☆ guildie contact reon or myself immediately (or next day if we arent on) and take a ss if possible pls. We will handle the situation asap.

Contact Amyra, ReOn, sgtice or Mina_if you need anything clarified. Smile
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Guild Rules. Please Read
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