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 Disconnects? Try changing the number of TCP/IP retries [Original post by Redrallyx]

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PostSubject: Disconnects? Try changing the number of TCP/IP retries [Original post by Redrallyx]   Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:04 pm

[Original post authored by Redrallyx - topic moved from old forum]

Here is another tip from your favorite WF Wink

If you have regular or odd disconnects you might want to increase the number of TCP retries in order to keep the connection alive a bit longer.

The default setting in Windows causes a connection shutdown after about 20 seconds if something goes wrong between your PC and the server you are connected to.
You typically get told that your account is already logged in when you try to login again.
The server is still trying to keep your old connection alive while Windows already gave up.

Personally I have the problem that my ISP is resetting or rebooting the network every night.
My PW session(s) all get a disconnect around 4 AM in the night.
However my ssh connection from my Linux system does not have this problem.

Last week I decided to look a little bit further into this issue and found the current solution.
I increased the number of retries to be equal to the amount used on Linux.
And I did not have a disconnect during the last 2 nights. Smile

The default number of retries on Windows is 5 and on Linux it is 15.
You can change this setting by adding a registry entry and rebooting Windows afterward.

Copy the following code into a text file (notepad) and save it as tcpip_retries.reg
Apply the setting by double-clicking the new file and press the Yes button to add the information from the file to the registry.
After a reboot Windows will use the changed setting.


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Disconnects? Try changing the number of TCP/IP retries [Original post by Redrallyx]
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