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 WR Skill List (Heaven n Hell) [Original author: Froszen]

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WR Skill List (Heaven n Hell)  [Original author:  Froszen] Empty
PostSubject: WR Skill List (Heaven n Hell) [Original author: Froszen]   WR Skill List (Heaven n Hell)  [Original author:  Froszen] Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 4:31 pm

[Original post by Froszen - topic moved from old forum]


tiger strike -25% add 20point yuan
short burst -add 15%damage for each bleed damage
stream strike -use oli 10point yuan
aeolian blade -damage up to 180%
dragon emerge -skill cooldown reduce 1 sec
RockRive Slash -20% to paralyse opponent when hit
frantic draco slash -skill cooldown reduce 2 sec
cleaving splash -+500 damage
auric shield defense-physical defense add up to 90%
lion roar -yuan used reduce by 10point
muscle ameliorate -magic defense add up to 180%
marrow ameliorate -physical defense add up to 180%
diamond sutra -20% to recover 50%hp
weapon mastery -damage add up to 90%

AirSlicer Palm -25% din use yuan
Shadowless kick -skill cooldown reduce 2 sec
cyclone kick -atk speed rise time add 5 sec
dragon thruster bash-target suffer 9sec 3000 fire damage

Whisk stab -25%din use yuan
back thrust -+800 damage
meteor rush-50% cancel target spell
Drake Swift Strike -50% use 1 fury

mountsever sweep -25% din use yuan
volcanic stunner -20% that crit rised 20% for 10sec
hexmist attack -reduce 30% fire defense of the target
heaven flame dragon-target suffer 6 sec 2000 fire damage

lethe stance -25% din use
spirit chaser snack -cooldown n cast time 0.1sec
atmos sword strike -25% to add 25point yuan when hit
myriad sword stance-50% use 1 fury


tiger strike -cooldown n casting time reduce by 0.1sec
short burst -bleed time reduce 3sec
stream strike -25% recover 800hp
aeolian blade -cooldown reduce 1sec
dragon emerge -range +2
RockRive Slash -+800 damage
frantic draco slash -increase radius range
cleaving splash -20% recover 30point yuan
auric shield defense-extra 75physical defense in 15sec
lion roar -skill won failed n cooldown reduce 1 sec
muscle ameliorate -reduce oli 90% physical defense
marrow ameliorate -reduce oli 90% magic defense
diamond sutra -increase 10%crit at the period recover hp
weapon mastery -up 1% critical

airslicer palm -decrease speed time increase 2 sec
shadowless kick -can hit opponent 3meter around target
cyclone kick -atk speed add up to 20%
dragon thruster bash-increase fire elemennt atk by 135%

whick stab -area rised by 50%
back thrust -range add up to 24 meter
meteor rush-33% stun enemy for 5 sec
drakeswift strike -50% that all atk in 5 sec is critical

mountsewer sweap-stun sec increase 1.5 sec
volcanic stunner-20% that atk speed rised 20% for 10 sec
hexmist attack-speed reduce up to 65%
heaven flame dragon-time of amplify damage add up to 9 sec

lethe stance-can hit opponent 3meter around target
spirit chaser snack -25% recover 20 point yuan when hit
atmos sword strike-50% coz tat target dodge rate decrease 50%
myriad sword stance-50% stun target for 3 sec
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WR Skill List (Heaven n Hell) [Original author: Froszen]
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