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 The Way For Leveling [original author: Froszen]

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The Way For Leveling  [original author:  Froszen] Empty
PostSubject: The Way For Leveling [original author: Froszen]   The Way For Leveling  [original author:  Froszen] Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 4:34 pm

[Original post by Froszen - topic moved from old forum]

Well, basically if you are a Warrior, who have the patience to grind, then this guide welcomes you.

Level 1-30 - Fully on Quest, dont spend time doing DQ, its a waste of money and time.

Level 30-40 - Questing/DQ or try Grinding Sky mobs around Orchis Serene Valley

Level 40-49 - Questing/DQ or try Grinding on Terrawraith Warriors at Sundown Town

Level 50-55 - Questing/DQ or try Grinding Barbarian Warriors at Ancient King Tripod

Level 56-59 - Questing/DQ or try Grinding on Terra Foxie (Ethersword, Vanished or Fangs Town)

Level 60-75 - Questing, Trumble, AoE, Grind Sky mobs at Town of Sanctuary or Village of lost.

Level 75-80 - Questing, Trumble, AoE, Grind tauren mobs at Plain of Leaving.

Level 80-85 - DQ, Trumble, Grind cougar mobs at plain of leaving.

Level 85-88 - DQ, Trumble, Grind Melee Mobs at Fire Bathing Village

Level 88-90 - DQ, Trumble, Grind Spiders/ Butcher at Camp

Level 90-XX - AoE at Hell =D
- - -

AOE Guide (Level 60+)
Warrior's main job in AoE is to Lure and Stun the mobs. Whenever you enter the "Zhen" also known as AoE, please do stun the mobs.

From level 60 onwards, you rely on AoE to level up your character.
Therefore, I recommend the spots below...

Magnificent Ridge [110,569] - Suitable for level 60-75
Weeping Isle (YKD South/North) [Portal at Dream Searching Port] - suitable for level 60-80
Wolfs @ Land of Burning Heart [Coords to be Updated] - Suitable for level 70-79
Spider Spot 1 & 2 [Coords to be Updated] - Suitable for level 70-89
Ant Spot [Coords to be updated] - Suitable for level81-93

*Trumble Quest have pretty good exp. You have to buy a tablet from trumble which cost around 10K+ and Select a type of mob to kill.
3 Mission: Kill Mob, Hand item to Elder, after 1 hour report to trumble *

**Enter in Beehive**

***Enter Race***(Collect 10 badge n can change it to skill point)

**8Last but not least, don't forget to visit Eunice/Rosalind to get your daily quest**
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The Way For Leveling [original author: Froszen]
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