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 WR (Spear Build) [original author: Froszen]

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WR (Spear Build)  [original author:  Froszen] Empty
PostSubject: WR (Spear Build) [original author: Froszen]   WR (Spear Build)  [original author:  Froszen] Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 4:37 pm

[original post by Froszen - Topic moved from old forum]

Spear warriors have a total of 3 AoE's from their mastery Wink , and yes they are all aoe's that attck in a straight line(except for the final skill). You may have to line your mobs up for your AoE's to be effective. Once you hit lvl49 and get Meteor Rush(the knockback AoE) things will start to go more smoothly in PvE Twisted Evil . You can start to line them up and use your other 2 AoE's - Frantic Draco slash and Cleaving Splash - knock them all back, and repeat when the mobs return to you. You will see how effective this is.

Spear warriors in PvP are actually one of the best...as long as you make it a PvP build - and by pvp build, meaning you need a good amount of AGI and CON. The usual PvE build for spear warrior is minimum requirements for your weapons and the rest in Con. The PvP build for spear warriors is - enough Str to weild a Spear, and enough Agi to weild a Sword, then the rest goes to Con. With that build, wearing jewls that increase dodge, you will be dodging those Heavy melee types quite a bit in PvP. When it comes down to fighting Mages, Priests, and Archers this is where your HP and your Long range serves as your defence. Spear warriors have 2 long range attcks - Dragon Emerge, from the universal mastery...and Back Thrust, from the spear mastery. The long range of these 2 skills combined with your stuns and bleeds, will murder those running Mages. Since mages, archers, and priests, have such low HP...it is important that you use your 2 bleed skills since they stack - the first bleed skill is Short Burst, and the second is Whisk Stab from the spear mastery - and dont forget THESE BLEEDS STACK!!!!.

Spear WR: Tactical type WR, hit hard but most importantly, HIT SOMETHING. Most spear skills are very useful and tactical. Spear WR are like transformers, they can become Sword types anytime they want and wear light armor

Mini Guide

I will explain 2 Spear warrior builds to you, and I would advise that you choose one - PvP build, or more towards PvE.

So lets start with the PvP build for a spear warrior(which is my build now). For STR you only need just enough to weild your Spear, for AGI you add enough to weild a one-handed Sword(not blade), and then the rest goes to CON. You should wear dodge type jewls with this kind of build for it to be really effective.

Now for PvE builds its quite simple, STR/CON build are the way to go. So for this build you add just enough STR to meet the weapon requirement, just enough AGI for the weapon requirement, and the rest goes to CON. The type of jewls you should be wearing is phys defence jewls.

You may be wondering why you need CON so much, simply because it keeps you alive. You may not notice how affective CON is at your lvl, but when you reach around lvl55+ you will see how much CON really is important because for us Spear warriors CON and our long range serves as our defence against Magics.

Now here is a list of what you should be using and what should be maxed.

Short Burst(bleed) - very good when maxed - can stack with your other bleed skill to really hurt those low hp types.

Aeolian Blade(stun) - MAX this for sure - has a 50% chance of stun when maxed, great dmg, perfect for both pvp/pve.

Whisk Stab(AoE bleed) - this is your other bleed skill which can stack with your other bleed skill. both combined is a great DoT - leave it at lvl2 till lvl60.

Back Thrust - your ultimate long ranged attck - lvl this up right away, this will be your main skill - your perfect attck against long range types and awesome dmg - at max lvl shoots at a distance of 15.0 m.

Dragon Emerge - your other long range attck from the universal tree - max this for good dmg - this acts as a great filler while your other long shot cools down.

Frantic Draco Slash(half AoE) - this does not have to be maxed, it is just a prerequisite for Cleaving Splash - keep this at lvl 5

Cleaving Splash(AoE) - MAX this for sure, this serves as your main AoE attck, great dmg.

Meteor Rush(AoE knockback) - MAX this - your greatest grinding skill, the knockback AoE. Tactic for grinding: run around to lure mobs, when gathered quickly use Cleaving Splash, Frantic Draco, then knock the mobs all back with Meteor Rush. When they return to you your AoE's should be cooled down - then repeat.

Frost Glacier(ultimate AoE) - MAX this - now this is the skill im talking about - the pride and joy of Spear warriors. This is your ultimate AoE attck which you get at lvl59. It lowers the phys and mag defence of your opponents, thus making your next few attcks A LOT more painful to your enemy. This skill costs 2 fury points so it wont be used as much as your other skills.

Lion Roar - MAX this, your AoE stun.

Cloud Sprint - have this skill maxed by lvl60 to get Striding Stroll Sprint

Defensive type skills that should be maxed right away.

Auric Shell Barrier
Muscle Alter Sutra
Marrow Alter Sutra
Diamond Sutra
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Posts : 61
Join date : 2009-06-23
Age : 46
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WR (Spear Build)  [original author:  Froszen] Empty
PostSubject: Re: WR (Spear Build) [original author: Froszen]   WR (Spear Build)  [original author:  Froszen] Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 4:40 pm

[original posts by Froszen - transferred from old forum]

[b]This is for stat u can follow to build PvP Spear WR Twisted Evil

str / agi / con
1)5 5 5
2)8 7 5
3)10 8 7
4)13 10 7
5)15 11 9
6)18 13 9
7)20 14 11
8)23 16 11
9)25 17 13
10)28 19 13
11)30 20 15
12)33 22 15
13)35 23 17
14)38 25 17
15)40 26 19
16)43 28 19
17)45 29 21
18)48 31 21
19)50 32 23
20)53 34 23
21)55 35 25
22)58 37 25
23)60 38 27
24)63 40 27
25)65 41 29
26)68 43 29
27)70 44 31
28)73 46 31
29)75 47 33
30)78 49 33
31)80 50 35
32)83 52 35
33)85 53 37
34)88 55 37
35)90 56 39
36)93 58 39
37)95 59 41
38)98 61 41
39)100 62 43
40)103 64 43
41)105 65 45
42)108 67 45
43)110 68 45
44)113 70 47
45)115 71 47
46)118 73 49
47)120 74 49
48)123 76 51
49)125 77 51
50)128 79 53
51)130 80 53
52)133 82 55
53)135 83 55
54)138 85 57
55)140 86 57
56)143 88 59
57)145 89 59
58)148 91 61
59)150 92 61
60)153 94 63
61)155 95 63
62)158 97 65
63)160 98 65
64)163 100 67
65)165 101 67
66)168 103 69
67)170 104 69
68)173 106 71
69)175 107 71
70)178 109 73
71)180 110 73
72)183 112 75
73)185 113 75
74)188 115 77
75)190 116 77
76)193 118 79
77)195 119 79
78)198 121 81
79)200 122 81
80)203 124 83

In duels obviously the AGI build such as Claws/Swords will win against melee types simply because they can dodge and wont be missing. But when it comes down to a Sword/Claw user fighting a magic type...AGI is useless and do to their low hp and lack of dmg, they will most likely get pwnd. Spear warriors are like the hybrids of PvP/PK/PvE since they have the right amount of AGI to be hitting, the AoE skills, and the PvP skills such as bleed and long range. Dodge is really only useful if you have a lot of it, and the usual Sword warriors go for a minimum AGI to wield their weapons - which is still alot - but not enough to be dodging Spear warriors enough.The PvP spear build is good for beating those heavy melee types. By adding enough AGI to wield swords, you will be dodging a lot of Axers and WB's. But with the PvE build those Axers and WB's will be able to hitting you most of the time. So really...it all the depends on what you want your build to be good against. For me i targeted my build against Archers and Mages...By adding that amount of AGI i rarely ever miss Archers...and also working on my bleed and long range skills as my offense against Mages.


If a Axe WR fought a Spear WR(pvp build), no doubt, the spear warrior will win, simply because of the dodge rate and high dmg to counter act.

if you addin so much agi don't u think the damage is very little???

The thing is, your STR cannot suffer do to your high AGI. The PvP build you gotta follow is - STR for your weap requirement, enough AGI to wield a one handed sword, then the rest goes to CON. Having more STR than your weapon requirement is useless. STR alone does not add enough dmg to really be making a difference. With this build the CON will always be above your lvl - the pvp spear build is on the first page, your can refer to that.

The Axe WR may dominate, but not in PvP against other types of Warriors with high dodge. The Axe WR is chosen because of the dmg and the radius AoE's. Many Axe warriors switch to Spears at lvl89 as their secondary for PvP/PK purposes.


For your amour and eq....u can follow this guide:

On your Helmets add HP stones, and your Cloaks add Dodge stones.
If your using Dodge jewelry, add HP or Phys def. soulstones to your armors. If your using Phys def. jewelry, add Dodge stones to your armors.

But i recommend going with Dodge jewelry and adding HP stones to your armors. You will be better protected from Magic types.

If you went with PvE build, you can add Accuracy stones for that extra Acc you need. If you went with PvP build, you won't really need to add Accuracy stones - pump it with P. attack stones rabbit


In PvP WB's can't really beat hybrid spear (PvP), do to the fact that they cannot hit Spear PvP build WR enough before it kill them. As you know, most WB's are CON builds, and there are some WB's that make their build strictly for PvP (meaning they add a decent amount of AGI). Draz have dueled many PvP WB's also in the past, and I can say that they are very tough opponents. Many hybrid usually win when they fight those WB's because of their stuns, long range attacks combined with the jump back skill. Although many people dont use those leaping skills at all, they are very useful in PvP. Try it out in this sequence - stun + jump back + your 2 long shots.
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Posts : 61
Join date : 2009-06-23
Age : 46
Location : Canada

WR (Spear Build)  [original author:  Froszen] Empty
PostSubject: Re: WR (Spear Build) [original author: Froszen]   WR (Spear Build)  [original author:  Froszen] Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 4:43 pm

[original posts by Froszen - transferred from old forum]

Although Hell is more based for PvP builds, Heaven is best suited for Spears. Hell has a lot of perks such as added crits and such - and as to Sword and Claw users having high amounts of AGI, Hell is better suited for them. Heaven focuses on quickly gaining vigor and great p.def skills, combined with the HP and range attacks of Spear users, making them quite strong. Im not saying Hell is a bad choice, but its just better suited for a warrior whom already has the higher crit rate to up the chances of a great crit build.


Is there anyway to improve fighting with a EA?

this is what i did:

Stun- Cleaving Slash-Frantic-Aeolian Blade-(then they start running)Dragon Emerge-Back Thrust-Tiger Leap- Meteor Rush .....but sometime their dmg really hurt....500-700 Crit 1.2k

or u also can do it like this:

What you gotta do is start out with your Sprint skill, to keep up with them for a few seconds. Then start your first attack with Aeolian Blade, if that stuns them - just simply spam your best attacks until they are no longer stunned. Then start another stun with Lions Roar, and spam your best skills (except Aeolian Blade) until they are no longer stunned. Its all about keeping them stunned and using your sprint to keep up with them.


Werefoxes are kind of easy. Heres the thing about a Werefoxes pet - the WF's pet counts as a regular mob in a duel, so you are able to knock it back with Meteor Rush lol. As for killing Mages and WF's, there is really no difference, just keep repeating the stun process and using sprint to catch up. You should use your 2 long range attacks to hit them as they run, quickly using sprint to catch up after the long range shots have been cast.

But it will hard to fight it if the WF wearing heavy amour....
Well Suspect .....WF wearing heavy amour is 1 of the hardest to fight for WR...
it already agree by many for other forum..


You can make an Axe/Spear warrior, but your Con may suffer Sad . The build would be quite simple - Enough STR to wield dual axes(Follow the HH axe requirements), enough AGI to wield Spears (The Spear type you should follow is "Long Blades"), then the rest goes to CON.

To keep your HP up to par, just pump ALL your equips with HP stones.


U r referring to combos for PVP or PVE??

I m not good in PVP so can't teach much...

As for PVE...well i think i m the small group of WR that AOE grind on spear and not Axe....so below is my AOE combo

Below is the combos,hope it will help u:

1st-of course identify the bunch of mobs u wanna grind....make sure they are relatively close enuff
2nd-Marrow Ameliarate (+120% phy def, -120% mag def) --my phy def =14K+
3rd-Cloud Sprint into the mobs group...gather them around
4th-Cleaving Splash...to make sure all are aggro...to u...
5th-Lion Roar...AOE stun them --at the mean-time...observe all the mobs position
6th-heheh...now is the technical part...I need to base on all the mobs positions, and identify a spot where my frontal AOE can hit all mobs...run to that spot....Whisk Stab....
7th-Metor Rush....pushes 90% to 100% mobs away
8th- so we got about 2-3 sec with the mobs rushing back to me...while DOT doing the work...meanwhile i can cast another Marrow Ameliorate & Diamond Sutra (if required)
9th-Oh they finally reach me....well i will just giv them a Cleaving Splash follow by a Meator Rush...Ooops...sorry..did i push them back again ....well 2-3 sec of bleeding for them while running back to me AGAIN....
10th- repeat the cleaving splash + Meteor Rush...
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WR (Spear Build)  [original author:  Froszen] Empty
PostSubject: Re: WR (Spear Build) [original author: Froszen]   WR (Spear Build)  [original author:  Froszen] Icon_minitime

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WR (Spear Build) [original author: Froszen]
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