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 Ep Combo Skills [original post by spots]

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PostSubject: Ep Combo Skills [original post by spots]   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:17 pm

[original post by Spots - moved from old forum]

how to make combo skill that work..

open you're skill window and press New

a second window will open.

As you can c the bend over arrow is in first slot... this is the repeat skill..
It has to go in first slot otherwise it wont work.
This combo here above works very well for Ep for normal grinding.
The reason the heal is in third slot is mobs wont hurt you until the time you're gonna Cast you're third skill.
here are some more usefull combo's...

Auto buff single player

Auto buff Pty

Auto heal with a really high dmg boss

Auto heal reguler bosses and a purify can be added if needed..
This combo keeps enough vigor to do so

A combo when the Priest is not needed to tank or heal
Make sure you dont pull aggro because you will have less defenses.

A combo which allows me to tank hard bosses..
made with only fast casters..
Since whistheart takes a little time to reach speed heal..
it might be wise to cast 2 whisthearts before pressing the combo
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Ep Combo Skills [original post by spots]
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