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 EA useful skill [Original author - huma]

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PostSubject: EA useful skill [Original author - huma]   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:24 pm

[original post by huma - topic moved from old forum]

This is my opinion and experience, which are the best skill to lvl up.
1 - Wing Barrier - max it
2 - Repulsive arrow - max it, use it against mob
3 - Outcold blast - max it, useful for duel
4 - Blazing arrow and frost arrow - max it, useful at higher lvl
5 - Colligation bolt - max it, useful against mob
6 - Lightning and thunder shock- if u like duel and for TW, better lvl it up to max, if not, just lvl it accordingly
7 - Sharptooth arrow - useful in HH for boss, if u lvl60 and below, not really useful
8 - Arrow bombard - useful for zhen. If u like zhen, lvl this up. If not, not really useful cause consume mana so much.
9 - Wingspan & Wing attack - this is good for close range attack. I like it, so i max it. If not, you can just lvl it accordingly (mean when got money, lvl it up)
10- Wings of protection - EA Buff, max it.
11 - Other skill - i lvl it up when i got extra money and SP. But when u reach lvl70+, u shud lvl all up to it max lvl.

Those are most common skill that i usually use. Others are useful too, but some got charging time, delay time, and not so fast enough - i.e. Charge Blast, Deadly SHot. If doing quest against mob, better to use skill that are immediate, means no charging time whatsoever. But if in party like doing HH, using that skill does not harm.

That's from my experience, other might have different useful skill Smile
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PostSubject: Re: EA useful skill [Original author - huma]   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:08 pm

Charged Blast - Great damage when fully charged. Max it if you are going for Holy EA, or just level it if you have extra money and SP.

Dartle Shot - leave it at level 1 if you are not going for Demon EA. Demon EA's Dark Dartle Shot is one if the finest skill for EA.

Repulsing Arrow - Useless skill because it repulse mobs exactly the same range. Higher level of Repulsing Arrow deals slightly more damage, but cost more mana too. Leave it at level 1.

Colligation Bolt - Good damage plus able to seal enemy. Max it if you have money as it does wonderful damage on EP and MG. The downside is it use 1 fury.

Outcold Blast - Max it as soon as possible. Very useful in any situation.

Deadly Shot - Max it if you are going for Dark EA, or level it accordingly if you are going for Holy. A level 10 Deadly Shot deal slightly more damage than a level 10 Charged Blast, but at a higher mana cost and longer charging time.

Blazing Arrow - Max it as soon as possible.

Frost Arrow - Max it if you are going for Holy EA. Holy EA's Frost Arrow is extremely useful against heavy type, plus it slows down their speed.

Bane Arrow - useless skill. Leave it at level 1.

Fanged Arrow - useless skill. Leave it at level 1.

Sharptooth Arrow - extremely useful skill. Max it as soon as possible. No one would want a level 1 Sharptooth Arrow EA in HH.

Thunder Bolt - this skill is a must max skill. Extremely useful against heavy armor.

Thunder Shock - another top priority skill for EA. Use this skill and then unleash Thunder Bolt for maximum effect.

Lightning Blaster - Max it if you have extra money and SP. Deals a very good amount of damage but charge a very long time.

Wing of Protection - Max it if you have extra money and SP. Good for PVE and running around.

Stormage Eagleon - a basically useless skill. Leave it at level 1 if you want.

Arrow Bombard - Do not max this skill. The maximum this skill should go is level 5. If you want to go for zhen leveling, leave it at level 1 to level 3. At level 10, your mana hierogram wouldn't be able to support your zhen unless you have more than 2.5k MP (or more). Also do not learn Holy EA's Arrow Bombardment because it will cancel off EP's blue ball.

DeityHawk Wingrise - Extremely useful skill for PVP and duel. Must learn.

Bow and Arbalest Mastery - Max it ASAP.

Great Precission - Max it ASAP.

Flying Mastery - Leave it at level 1 if you are not planning to use the beginner wing.

All of the above are from my experience. I do not mean it's 100% correct, it's just what I feel about each skill.
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EA useful skill [Original author - huma]
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