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 Our Allies and Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Our Allies and Responsibilities   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:29 pm

The following guilds are our Allies at the moment:

┼Titanes┼ (both versions)
§ United §

(We have an informal agreement with
★PeacE★ instead of an actual alliance)

Please try to follow the following as to ☆★UNITY★☆
obligations to our Allies:

- Be respectful and try to help if you cam. Buffs, heals, ressing and
any help we are able to supply for FB's, Bosses and even with rpkers
when we can. These are courtesy calls and thats what ☆★UNITY★☆
is all about. Our Allies will do the same.

- If one of our Allies has problems with another of our Allies, we remain
neutral and do not interfere.

- We do NOT pk our Allies, as we wouldn't pk our guildies, and they do
not pk us. If there is a problem with any member (guildie) of an Ally,
contact Amyra to deal with the other GM about it. Do NOT take matters
into your own hands!

Please note: We are neutral and will remain so where ☆WarLords☆ and ☆Rage are
concerned. The reason for this is obvious. To take either side would be suicide fior us. Therefor no we will not as ☆★UNITY★☆ is not equal to either equipment/lvl wise yet.
Do not attack either guild pls as it will affect your guildies. This includes personal kos.
If either guild attacks/pks a ☆★UNITY★☆ guildie contact reon or myself immediately (or next day if we arent on) and take a ss if possible pls. We will handle the situation asap.
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Our Allies and Responsibilities
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