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 Tribute to Amyra

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PostSubject: Tribute to Amyra   Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:52 pm

☆★UNITY★☆ Guild
Guild Master:Amyra
Server: Oracle

So I am sgtice and I am just one person from the guild UNITY, that means just one opinion.. well I thought instead of having one opinion by one person why not have the WHOLE GUILD say something about our guild master, Amyra. So this is what we think about Amyra.

From Everyone IN UNITY to Amyra our guild master, this is our story, our life, our dedication, our PERFECT world!Smile

From Aviona: "I think Amyra should win b/c she is compasionate but strong and decisive but fair to everyone."

From SaDaCoco: "Amyra will travel great distances to revive her guildies and people she does not even know!"

From Glindy: " Amyra is fun and friendly with a good sense of humor. She also knows how to stop guild wars and handles every situation in a good way."

From Ferissa: "Amyra believes we should act morally and ethically, even though its just a game."

From YokoAki: "Amyra is a good guild leader, looks out for her guildies, if anything goes wrong she takes care of it right away."

From fatkong: "Amyra has the heart to build a guild, and has done so"

From Skittles: "Amyra is very nice, and makes sure we do everything as a guild, whther that is a world boss or lots of guild events, unity seems to live up to its name because of her."

From XAlexisX: "Amyra is diplomatic and handles situations with other guilds well, such as guild war issues."

From Amable: "I like Amyra, She works so hard to unite UNITY and do lots of helpful things for the guild."

From Charybdis: "Amy tries her best and helps out the best she can for all of us."

From Malafist: "She is kind and understanding."

From Jarcas: "my whole pw life i have been guildless and then starting meeting UNITY members and they helped me out, alot. So i joined UNITY this in itself shows great leadership reflects, with great players. Its unique here that you meet people and feel positive energy from their GM.”

From Peace1Wan: "I joined unity and saw immediatly that it was a trinity of followers and leaders."

From ReOn: "she is very protective and protects us from others guilds. she will bend over backwards so guildies dont suffer.”

From tri_sec: "She is always helping people and is just a sweetheart."

From Elfesa: " Amyra is kind and always helps out with bosses."

From MarTineT: "Amyra seems to be the only G M that can keep peace in a guild and is always helpful and available."

From sakurano: "Amy is fun! She didn't get mad when my joke went too far and we had a good laugh."

From ~maniac~: "She is very supportive and is only a guild chat away from helping you right away."

From Thew: "Amy is always a hardworking indivdual for the guild and her own character."

From Asttri: "Amy is like a white flower-Shines and makes us happy!"

From WarBebe: "Amy is always helpful and friendly but busy, which shows you that she is working hard for the guild."

From bananaboy: "Amy is a funny person and helpful."

From Love_Cute: "She solves problems so well within the guild, for example problems with kos and such."

From JoelNyima: "Even though i have not made alot of conatct with Amyra, b/c of of time conflicts, She seems really nice and well liked throughout the guild."

From ethereal7: "Aside from being a cutie, she listens compassionatly and her judgement is always just."

From Hanibal1: "Amyra is a great G M."

From Aearunim: " I think she is a good G M because of alot of different reasons. 1. If anyone ever gets pk'd she will be there in a flash helping you. 2. Her idea as a good GM is that she is for the guild, the guild is not for her. 3. She is a good leader for me because she is not arrogant or likes to brag. 4. She will do everything within her power for her guildies. She doesnt need anymore to be a good GM."

From : "She is thoughful, caring and handles situations in the guild well, she is also very efficent.

From SiL3ntM4n: "well i like her because she is a high level but is friendly and treats members nicely. She is serious sometimes and lays down the law when a rule is broken, which is nessecary to run a guild."

From AyoTai: "She is active and cares what is going on around her and in the guild. She needs this to be a good leader, and she has great leadership qualities. She is serious about everything, but she doesn't forget to joke around ethir. She can easily get incontact with people and has an aura around her that makes you respect her from first sight."

From CharLene: "She is unpredictable, supportive, agile, and is most likely the serious type of G M, which you need."

From Boommer: "She loves all people inside this guild."

From Oreo08: "Amy is the most caring G M that i know, and ive been in many guilds before this."

From GanEA: "Amy, being a G M is not easy, my best wishes and support will always be with you."

From ScareCrow: "Amy doesn't seem like she wants us to power level, just to have alot of fun in the game and socialize, which i think is important."

From hotlips: "I think Amy has the best guild, she a sweeheart and is caring for everyone."

From~froster~: "She supports us and is a good person."

From Rosiette: "Amyra can manage guild well, have lots of people stay in guild, and lively, she is friendly too."

From Lightsoul: "Amyra is a unique individual whos soul purpose is to assure the safety and respect of her marbously designed and most remarkable guild, UNITY. It has been an honor working by her side."

From Chandrani: "She always tried to look out for everyone and makes sure they are alright."

From BaoChong: "Although i know Amyra just for a little while, I know deep down inside that she is a good person.:”

From Zireall: "Amyra is a gorgeous and caring mama who looks out for everyone in the guild^^."

From Lugbuffer: "Amyra, Sharp as ReOn's blades, but with a strongest will, she is the pillar of our guild, can kill our enemies at the speed of light and heal you from the bottom of her heart."

From Evry: "She is kind and always is the fastest to come res me when I die."

From LOCKEM: "She is fair and just and handles situations with maturity. she is extermely patient because most people would not spend the time to fix the little problems that she does. She always takes the time to Listen and help, very caring, thats why I am in UNITY."

From ramulo: "She is always kind to me and helps me with beehive all the time, I enjoy Amyra as being my G M and love this guild b/c of her."

From Missdaisy: "Amyra is a good person, and good G M."

From Choopah: "Its not an easy job and Amyra has gained respect and envy as master of one of the longest-running active guilds on PW."

From Skanks: "All i can say is that she is better then the other GM's i know and very helpful."

From sgtice: " Thank you Amyra for this wonderful guild that you built with the help of others. This is a tribute to you! Your a one and only G M of UNITY I wish you luck in the future. I look forward to being by your side for as long as perfect world lasts."

I am just one person with one idea.. this is 50 opinions from 50 different people in the guild, this in itself is UNITY.. we unite and do everything toghther, even these forum events thank you again.
This is UNITY's story based around Amyra.
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PostSubject: Re:Tribute   Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:33 pm

Thank you very much. It is nice to know you all care so much. I can only tell you that I couldn't have handpicked better guildies than all of you and I don't run the guild alone. It's done with ☆★UNITY★☆ all the way. Respect for not only our guild but the respect of and for others on Oracle is what ☆★UNITY★☆ is about.

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PostSubject: Re: Tribute to Amyra   Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:44 am

I'll post here since I wasn't around for this.

Amy is the best GM anyone can ever ask for. She's always putting her guildies needs before her own needs. She never thinks twice before offering a hand to help us. She will do anything to prevent guild wars in consideration of her guildies. One of the reasons why I haven't left UNITY is because UNITY has such an awesome and considerate GM. We will always want you as our GM, Amy!
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PostSubject: Re: Tribute to Amyra   Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:35 am

emm, i think i did mention my opinion, well, maybe overlook it Smile

for me, our G.M is very considerate and think of the guild first before making any decision. Maybe sometime the decision does not fit to all, but it;s for Unity sake, to cover for both low and high levels in Unity.

good job amy cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Tribute to Amyra   Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:08 pm

Mine was not posted as well.

Amyra is the angel of our hearts, our guild's shining lady in armor, and also our dearest friend in times of need.
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PostSubject: Re: Tribute to Amyra   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:52 am

I mentioned mine too T__T

While there are so many guilds out there ☆★UNITY★☆ is the best one around. I have never meet a person with such passion as a GM in a game. You are one of a kind and I think that's what attracts people to this wonderful guild Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tribute to Amyra   Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:30 am

Nothing more can I say to show how kind & nice & fair she is...... I think u guy already feel it too flower
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PostSubject: Re: Tribute to Amyra   Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:27 am

lol i know this is over and well eagle was weak back then but..

Eagleboy:"Amy is a good guildmaster even thou in requiem vs unity me and my friend killed her but i want to look past that. I think Amy has done a very good job with this guild and even thou i want to go to some other guilds maybe to try them out. Just that Unity is my Home and always will be, i have been in unity since lvl 65 and a lot of people have helped me lvl, and become and great ea player. Amy u have done a good job with make such a welcoming family to me thank you"
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PostSubject: Re: Tribute to Amyra   Sun May 30, 2010 11:13 pm

i am iiiiiin there i am iiiiiinnn there, sweet bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Tribute to Amyra   

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Tribute to Amyra
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