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 TW Observation

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PostSubject: TW Observation   Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:22 pm

***WARNING!! long and boring content ahead. please stop except when you are extremely bored and got nothing to do***

What? This post is about Territory war, and my thought about it, the topic is purely subjective and hypothetical, don't bang your head when it sound unreasonable, my mind works a wonder sometime.
why? just a hobby, sometimes when i got nothing to do, doing this is like, brain exercise. sometimes a brief moment of getting away from reality gives a good break, at least for me.

TERMINOLOGY[you can skip this part ~.~]

Strategy/strategic : in relation of army as whole body.
tactic/tactical : in relation individual party in the army. on-field decisions.
commander-in-chief : the supreme commander for a particular battlefield
INTEL : intelligence, information about enemy. i.e. position, weakness, opportunity.
loophole/defect : the weakness or vulnerability of a plan.

unity is a casual guild which made it undesirable to : drill for tw, have complex protocols or policy, and make everyone do what is told.

I have been doing tw with unity for three times, and I've notice several fundamental flaws UNITY keep doing that may be fixed

1.Structure issue
there is no clear war structure. who is the leader of for war? there were always question, "what now?"

2. communication issue
guild chat, as primary information backbone, is chaotic, and it make people hard to read.

there is no INTEL whatsoever.

4. Catapult interception
UNITY rarely intercept catapult mid-way, even though information about arrival has been confirmed.

5. sky control
UNITY don't have air superiority most of the time.

1. structure issue

probable solution : forming of war council.
AIM : minimizing burden to commander-in-chief work on the battlefield
original formation : 1 commander, 1 vice commander and certain number of captain according to people enlisted for war. i.e. 36 people makes 6 groups needs at least 6 captains.
role assignment :
a. commander lead the main army, focus on strategical aspect of war, and ensure captain doing what was told to.
b. vice commander lead the reserve personnel (i.e. people who come late, and people who joined on the last minute), vice also have job to find alternate route, and maintain INTEL (if there's any)
c. captain lead the party, brief party before war, and listen to commander's orders.
d. commander and vice commander is chosen by guild master, while captains are chosen by commander.
e. in event when guild master cant find a suitable commander, he/she became the commander.
d. in event when guild master cant find a suitable vice-commander, commander will go without vice-commander.
e. in event when commander cant find suitable captains, there will be no captain.
f. on the battlefield, vice commander act independently, commander may request assistance, but vice-commander may choose to ignore.
g. vice commander can only control one party, the party he belong to, unless assigned other party by commander.

structure variant : for simplicity sake, formation can discard captain role. i.e. only commander and vice-commander. to obey assumption.

loophole/defect :
a. its hard to track what your captain do, and trust issue is rather sensitive.
b. this implementation may also invite hostile environment to guild.
c. the need of hardcore player to fill the roles of commander, vice-commander, and (if implemented) captains.

hypothetically, this solution will only increase guild's efficiency on the battlefield, it may not affect guild's overall strength.

2.communication issue.
probable solution #1 simple : commander CAPS LOCK all his/her orders, and have people to not talk on guild channel
AIM : making it possible to have information reach everyone

loophole/defect :
a. people may not listen and talk on guild chat. but this can be solved by spamming the guild chat with orders.
b. people turn off their guild channel.

probable solution #2 complex : commander, vice-commander create a locked chat room, and invite all captain to enter. everyone inside the chat room should always open the chat room box.
AIM : making it possible to have information reach everyone

a. people may refuse to enter the chat room.
b. people may not read the messages/orders.
c. people may minimize the chat room box.
d. leakage if enemy knows the password into chat room.
e. a to c problem can be solved if structure is fully implemented, as you only choose captains you can trust.

hypothetically, this solution will only increase guild's efficiency on the battlefield, it may not affect guild's overall strength.

probable solution : forming of INTEL squad.
AIM : to gather information, stopping enemy's catapult-wb midway, bring chaos to enemy's rear and trying to sneak a catapult wb into unguarded gate.
formation : catapult wb, mages-DD, ep-sleep/paralyze, wf.
ideal : 1 mg, 1 wf, 2 ep, 2 cata wb. + 1 escort party
the motion will bring chaos to enemy rank and decrease enemy's influence, thus easing pressure on main army. this wont work on well organized guild with great leader.

4. Catapult interception
probable solution : forming of INTEL squad.
*same as above*

note: it is better to intercept it mid-way, rather than letting it hit guild's crystal several times.

5. Sky Control
probable solution : forming of an air party.
AIM : to maintain air superiority
formation : wf, ep, ea
ideal : 5wf 1ep

the main purpose of air superiority is to kill off enemy's eps.

things needed
fairy skill : wind shield, heavy wall (60% damage reduce), guardian shield (heal 50%hp), and vigor exhaust (200 vig)
wb skill : black tortlen (90% damage reduce)
items : resurrect scroll, vital hiero, immune medicine or hp recover medicine, dumplings

support :
wf : vigor switch
ep : heal

team composition : 2 wb catapult - 2 wf - 2 ep

it is fact that when wb died, he lost control of catapult, and it will gone soon after. but, when a wb get resurrected before it gone, he can regain control and keep attacking.

with introduction of fairy, it become possible to stay at front, far from wf but still get vigor to do dark tortlen. its vigor exhaust skill. lvl 10 is 94 mana charging 200 vigor, if the fairy have 50 int, the wb need to stay alive for 47 seconds then can activate vigor exhaust. the rate is 200vigor/15 seconds, means 13 vigor/second. 7.5 second to charge 1 fury. this is useful to destroy towers of enemy's not guarded towers. or when tanking crystal. because if we succeed to activate black torlen, wb can hit crystal/tower for 20 seconds.

afterthought :

after i made this observation about tw report, i did some more thinking, and found, all above solutions may improve guild's performance, but is not significant enough to win any battle. the only way to win is to increase the number of our war personnel.

conclusion :

we cannot win without decent number of people with decent level. no real strategy is useful without drills, and drilling is out of question. this is just a game, no need to go that far. so the ultimate solution of winning a war, is to outnumber them.
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PostSubject: Re: TW Observation   Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:37 pm

I have only participated in Unity's war once (twice if you count it when I was in TDH) and I noticed some problems with this guild's TW structure. For one, we did not assign members to specific task. In TW, we usually need to assign Catapult Team, Attack Team, Defense Team, Buff Team, and Scout Team. Specify team's leader in Guild List. For example, members of Attack Team 1 should have "A1" sign in the guild list while the captain of Attack Team 1 should have "A1C" sign.

Attack Team should consist of 1 WR, 1 EP, and 4 DDs (or 3 DDs and 1 WB if possible). This team primary role is to open up route for cata puller team (4 WB, 2 EPs or 1 EP and 1 WR). Attack Team must be willing to die to open up the route for cata puller and WR must utilize their stun skills (Lion Roar). I have seen guilds lose quickly because their WR didn't use stuns and open route for cata teams because they are afraid to die. WF should debuff enemy cart puller. Killing enemy's catapult puller is priority number 1.

Catapult Team play an extremely important role in TW. Highest HP WB should always leads the catapult. Pulling cart WB should never be in human form and attack enemies. They should hide inside their catapult. When they reach enemy towers, WB should use Black Tortlen and Rage of Beast King (to gain vigor) and the catapult will attack towers or crystal. Eat Starlight Dew pill or Bolus of DeityGuardian Posses after Black Tortlen effect is gone EP must heal WB if they are attacked and rebuff them if they are debuffed. WR must fend off or delay enemy that attack cart puller. Cata puller WB should never go alone and must stick in a group. If the leader is attacking a tower, other catapult puller must focus on the same tower.

Defense Team should consist of fist WR, WF and MG. This team primary target is opposing enemy's catapult puller. Fist WR is extremely good against WBs, WF should debuff WB and kill EP while MG just open their Fire Roasting Array on WB. If base is attacked, shout in Guild Chat and those who have died should go back and defend.

Buff Team consist of EPs only and they should always stay at base and buff those that just respawned. Under no circumstances should they leave base. Defend base if base is under attack.

Scout Team usually consists of 3 players of any jobs. Each players patrol each lane and report in Guild Chat. State what lane and whether it is catapult team or attack team that is using that lane and how many of them.

Basically that is the core of what a TW should be. The problems with the last TW is there is little to no organization of how to attack enemies, catapult team didn't attack when the lane is cleared among others.
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PostSubject: Re: TW Observation   Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:06 pm

We did assign b4 in previouses TW but not the recent one, so I hope the coming weekend will be well maintained.
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PostSubject: Re: TW Observation   

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TW Observation
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