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 Question of Moral

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Vice Guild Master
Vice Guild Master

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PostSubject: Question of Moral   Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:15 pm

Hey all,i know we have some hard time now and any of you concidering of leave guild cause of Rage KOS.But wait a bit and look on it closer...

A wile ago all of you wanted go to TW and all of you wanted to WIN
and we did it we WON and you all shuld be proud of yourself...
KOS...Yes we got thet damn KOS...but from who...From RAGE!!!
they wuld do thet sooner or later,with or without the reason,cause half of them are just a pathethic scums and there is no cure for thet.

now some of you will like to leave cause of emotional blow ...
and like reason thet Unity dont go open war on Rage...
ask yourself befor leaving ,can you handle open war with them ALL
one thing is thet i sed just half (maybe more who knows) are scums,but Unity always wos Pilar of Justice and if one from the famely is scum ...we don't go kill all famely,cause if we wuld,wuld we be better then them?

so let's fight them, but fight them with HONOR not the RAGE.
now is the time when you can show what realy UNITY means
think twice before you bound your frends who wos like famely for you for such a long time.

p.s "If you give up without fight,you give up your soul. and Man without soul,are ded already" - King Uthar
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PostSubject: Re: Question of Moral   Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:19 am

Yes everyone, we all need to be united in driving out any threats. One thing for sure, Rage wanted to kos us cos they think we can provide them fun. If we just defend when attacked and not act hostile with them and hunt, eventually they will get bored and then stop KOS. Not all Rage KOS us. We just need to be careful. Rage is playing mind games with us, we can also do that and make them suffer at their own mind games.

Dont ever be put off by rumours and comment that says we are sub guild and such. Think about it, it was our former ally, Requiem that betrayed the alliance and laughed at us with Rage backing while Rage been bullying us all these while. If anyone has to be blamed that we have Warlords siding us, its Rage to be blamed. UNITY is one of the oldest guild, in fact 2nd oldest, after Warlord, while Rage was made over and over again from Black and other guilds opposing Warlords then. People are getting jealous because we had won the TW.

We have about 6 from Warlords of 80 people who attended the TW, helping us in TW. Which means 74 people from UNITY, so we did not depend solely on them to win TW. We have got good team works I would say. No matter how good is your strategy, if you lack trust and teamwork, you can never win any TW, or achieve anything at all. We just need to stick together and united. Just think properly before you go about worrying having Warlords helping us. Last but not least, "United we stand, Divided, we fall" flower
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PostSubject: Re: Question of Moral   Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:51 pm

Thank you, ayo. You said everything from my heart.

It IS true that you all wanted to go to war. You all wanted to win. Rage's KOS on us is a matter of time.. they do it anyway, whether winning or not. Winning land isn't as easy as it seems. Many sacrifices come along with it. If we don't do this together, UNITY can never progress. So let's do this together, win even more land, disband Rage, and keep progressing.

Let's do this together.
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PostSubject: Re: Question of Moral   

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Question of Moral
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