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 Some info about WB skills

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PostSubject: Some info about WB skills   Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:09 pm

ok errr.... im bored so want to spam forum a lil, also bcuz some guildies with WB alts somethimes ask for tips how to make good WB. So ill try to give small info about ultimate werebeast(its me lol! ) or so, not much about stats, just my own exp.
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Posts : 4
Join date : 2009-07-08

PostSubject: Re: Some info about WB skills   Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:51 am

soo as 1st u should know that my WB is pve oriented tanker(but doin good also in pvp) and it means that im using both forms(human and tiger). Nothin special, just popular build - str for weapon, agi for eq(ill add more agi after 90+) and rest in con.

Until lvl 60 i'd sugest human form bcuz u faster kill mobs and not eat to many mp pots yet. Tiger dmg is to low for grindin fast enough. So first skills which should be maxed(or lvld enough) are human solo skills, buffs and passive skills like axe mastery and rage of beast king(vigor skill). I wouldnt lvl human aoe skills to much bcuz they r mostly useless before 50+, also bcuz before 60/70+ grind means soloin mobs 1vs1 unless u have healer or go zhen pt.

solo human skills:
beast lord whomp - main skill at beginin, later in combo with stun and armor broke, after 30+ gets weaken with every next lvl but still good until 50+ i think, after 60+ useless(somethimes same dmg as normal hit). lvl to max as fast as posibble.
garotte - useless lol!
gravitation stonker - stun skill, getin beter with every added lvl, ull use it whole time, on lower lvl maybe not such needed but good to have it maxed fast.
anti armor batter - good armor broke, when u get it, should be used as 1st or 2nd(after stun), lvl as fast as possible.
beast king onslaught - mid range skill, best dmg, if max lvld on current char lvl can be very usefull, if no SP then keep on lvl1 and lvl other solo skills, but dun forget to lvl it later lol! bko and stun are most usefull solo skills on higher lvls.

Folowin buffs/passive skills should be lvled enough before lvl60: hp buff, axe mastery, vigor skill(rage of beast king), str buff(titan's strenght) should be at least at lvl1. If u need to chose which skill may be upgraded as 1st(not enough SP) then i'd prefer: >hp buff>axe mastery>maybe str buff> then solo skills>at last whatever u want. Im not 100% suporter af accuracy buff(blood bath) unless its lvl 10, U should have enough accuracy to hit mobs, also u can add lil more agi than eq require instead of con, but not to much. +5 agi extra is ok i think. In my opinion its beter deal than using lvl 1-6 acc buff. HP regeneration skill in very usefull on lower lvls but no need to max it unless u have enough SP for upgrade other skills( lvl 7-9 is ok). Watercraft mastery is also good (at least good to swim faster lol! ) and doesnt cost many SP so can be learned whenever.

AOE skills
i wouldnt lvl to much aoe skills before lvl60. Billow is usefull only in masskillin when there are many mobs in front of you(doesnt happen on lower lvls) so can keep at lvl1. Firestorm Wielder is uselles at all, lvl1 is more than enough. If there is enough SP u may lvl a bit Ground Render but its not neccesery, its future mass grind/keep agro skill so lvl 1 is still good (it ll be works well with BKO on higher lvls).

and thats everythin for 1st time, maybe more spam ll come soon Evil or Very Mad lol!
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Some info about WB skills
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