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 It's time for another event!

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PostSubject: It's time for another event!   Mon Nov 23, 2009 7:42 pm

After the success of the last event, I'm proud to announce another up-coming event!

This event will be a DQ drop competition in fb19:

FB19 - Participants will compete for number of DQ drops. Party size does not matter, but max 5 members plus me as ref. Pickups will be set to individual and players will not pick anything up. Ref will retrieve all drops to ensure fairness.

I'll be bringing a lower level character to, hopefully, offset the drop rate a bit.

Each member of the winning team receives 1M gold.

Players can only enter this contest one time.

The tentative schedule for this event will be this coming weekend, (Saturday and Sunday, for those not sure) Nov 29th & 30th. Not certain about exact times but most likely in the afternoon and/or evening, my time, which is anywhere from 1am to 9am server time (Sunday/Monday). Something like that.

See you then Smile
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It's time for another event!
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