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 Pro PK build [originally authored by mtran]

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PostSubject: Pro PK build [originally authored by mtran]   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:15 pm

[Originally posted by mtran - transferred from old forum]

well im a 99 wr almost 100 now
my stats are
272 str
93 con

i pump mostly agi first off for the ++ crit rate
if i can afford 2 behe ring's around 17% crit
also for the acc to keep a perfect stun lock

a good wr build for axe is min str for 90 gold axe (CougarLord-Iron heart axe) aka the GX
and alot of agi around 200+++
this build is hard to pull off if you have low hp or refiens on ur gears
i recomend around +5 on all gears to try this build
if you get around +7 or 8 u can try 240 or even 260 agi and still have 7+k hp

what to do in pk eh?
well if u wana 1vs1 a wr
i recomened just dding dont try to stun
fist is the way to go to kill a wr fury+ attack speed = gg
for wb same idea if u have vig pot use after fury and dragon and punch to death around 3-4k hits on wb for me
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Posts : 61
Join date : 2009-06-23
Age : 46
Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: Pro PK build [originally authored by mtran]   Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:18 pm

[Original post by Froszen - transferred from old forum]

Warriors are AWESOME! Sure, at low levels you watch those mages giggle as they throw a vortex of wind around that mob you worked hard to get down to half health and they kill it in an instant. You watch the beast-kin tramp around in their damned beast forms, and you see the sexy fox girl with her freak of nature Monty Python white rabbit ROCK THE MOB WORLD!

But what do you do? You laugh at them, as you know what's coming. You're a WARRIOR! This is your SPARTA! You are a LION! A feral beast! Not a tiger, no... they are WEAK! You're a lion! King of the plains! You rule this flat land with your (insert your preferred weapon here)!

You walk past that mage who sits on their butt a majority of the time meditating back that kabagillion number of mana they used up on only a few mobs. What do you do?! You wage WAR on even MORE mobs with your other Warrior buddies who laugh with glee as you wage LOTS OF WAR on even more MOBS and a few players who got destroyed under the earth you shifted with your massive amounts of speed and stun power!

You swing your mighty axe and you cleave those mobs in that ten meter radius! TEN METERS! That's ten arms my friend! Ten arms! Ten cleaved armed! You just made a lot of mobs go to the after life armless! You smack your spear, you shoot beams of power in a single line! You are dynasty warriors INCARNATE! You make lay waste with your brethren to the mob world and you stun the crap out of the player world. That mage that laughed at you while you fought hard to kill those wolf tzar? You take their staff, and you rub it into dust in the ground, and they can't do a thing because you stunned them so well they are as helpless as a newborn with a wooden sword!

You are a monster! You WALK in town because you have the coolest weapon in your arsenal, YOU! You are a walking battle my friend, you wage wars alone, and when you are with fellow warriors, it is the apocalypse! Stunning, and mangling, stunning and mangling. You cannot be surrounded, why? Because you are a phalanx in one man! Shield to shield? No! Your MUSCLES are your shields! Even those muscles located just above the shoulders next to the neck that some people never knew existed!

Warriors [Removed]?! No! Everything else [Removed]! They [Removed] on dirt, because they're left in your mega speed dust after you left them stunned and battered and only the last glimpse of your blue streaks of light as you take off in the distance to wage more war on their buddies making them watch as you rip FEAR into their hearts!

Cry to your hearts content that warriors [Removed]. It's an uphill battle to get to greatness. It always is. But your greatness is bittersweet compared to those wing spawning multisexed legolas' and those SWAT cat wannabes! You'll stun them so bad in the end, their next of kin will be born stunned and awaiting your attack!

Well, that was just my bit. Hope that helped picture what it might be like in the future. =D Happy... slaughtering! You killer warrior you.
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Pro PK build [originally authored by mtran]
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